Apple Tree Medicine, PLLC

A Different Kind of Practice

Are you sick and tired of waiting an hour to see your primary care doctor, only to have them blow through the visit in 5 minutes? Frustrated with going to your doctor, feeling unheard, and leaving with unaddressed questions? Amazed at the size of your doctor's bill even after your insurance has done their part?

Then come to Apple Tree Medicine where Dr. Weeks offers longer appointments so she can take the time to listen, get to know you, answer your questions, and educate you about your health.

Why will she be able to do this when other offices can't? Because Apple Tree Medicine doesn't participate with insurance companies. There's no monthly fee either! Every patient is treated the same and charged $85 for a visit with the doctor. In-office procedures that are beyond the scope of a normal visit, if needed, also have set charges. Prices are listed at the bottom of the "Appointments & Insurance" page.

But what if you have health insurance? Think of it this way. When you take your car to the shop, because it's having an issue or needs routine maintenance, the mechanic performs a service and then you swipe your credit card. You have car insurance, but that only kicks in for the big unexpected stuff like car accidents. Health insurance should be the same way. You just need it if you ever have to go to a specialist, get an expensive test like a CT scan, or windup in the hospital.